Vision Zero Central Florida

What Is Vision Zero Central Florida and Why Do We Need to Take Action?Vision Zero and City logo

Every week, 5 people die and 35 people are seriously injured in Central Florida crashes. Vision Zero is an international movement to reach zero traffic fatalities. 

Vision Zero Central Florida’s goal is simple: saving lives. Zero traffic deaths. Everyone should be able to travel safely around Central Florida without the fear of death or serious injury. This coordinated planning effort led by MetroPlan Orlando in partnership with local agencies will result in a comprehensive  

Vision Zero Safety Action Plan for our three-county region  (Orange, Osceola, Seminole), as well as additional action plans tailored for each county and city. 

This work funded by a $3.79 million safe streets and roads for all federal grant

What will the Vision Zero Safety Action Plan Include?

 The regional plan and each county or city action plan will include the following: 

  • High Injury Network: Analyzing data to identify places on the transportation system with the highest risk for fatal and serious injury crashes so that we can focus on our most important problem areas.
  • Equity Component: Identifying and prioritizing efforts in disadvantaged communities that are disproportionately affected by traffic crashes.
  • List of Priority Streets and Intersections: Producing a list of feasible projects that have the most safety impact for the region.
  • Educational and Enforcement Programs: Identifying key behavioral changes needed to reduce crashes and methods for encouraging those changes.
  • Sustained Effort: Establishing a defined process and identifying an organization responsible for carrying out, updating, and monitoring progress. 
  • Public Meetings: Public engagement is a key part of the study.
  • Outcome: Identified projects will be included in MPO or local jurisdiction priority projects list for funding/implementation.
3 county region 2018-2022 325,000 total crashes, 1,466 deaths, 9c500 serious injuries
oviedo number of crashes 2018-2922 2 people were killed on our roadways including 2 motorist deaths