Found Property


Dale Coleman, Chief of the Oviedo Police Department, hereby gives notice pursuant to Florida Statute 705.103(2)(b), of his intention to dispose of certain property as follows:

October 2023

Case # Description Claim by:
2023CJ015032 Unbranded damaged wallet with old receipts and scrap papers 12/30/2023
2023CJ015160 Black cellphone 12/30/2023
2023CJ015799 Attop mini drone 12/30/2023
2023CJ017118 Blue Mountain Bike 1/31/2024
2023CJ017327 Red BMX Bike 1/31/2024
2023CJ017841 Green Paintball Gun 1/31/2024
2023CJ017301 Brown wallet with name Andrew Burton-Edge 1/31/2024
2023CJ017031 1 Glock Magazine/10 Rounds 9MM ammo 1/31/2024

Property listed above will be disposed of after the claim by date. If you believe you are the true owner of the listed property and can provide proof of ownership please contact the Oviedo Police Department immediately. The Chief of Police intends to donate said property to charitable organizations, retain the property for use by the unit of government, surrender such property to the finder, or trade the property to another unit of government or state agency. Persons wishing to lay claim to any of the above listed items may do so by emailing OPDReports@cityofoviedo.netor calling and scheduling an appointment at (407) 971-5724.