Purchasing Thresholds

Establishing Threshold

The City of Oviedo Standard Operating Procedures establishes thresholds for the method of procurement based on the dollar value of the purchase.

  • Purchases from $.01 to $5,000 requires one written quote
  • Purchases from $5,000.01 to $50,000 requires three written quotes
  • Purchases greater than $50,000 require formal solicitation for bid/proposal


The requirements for quotes or bids/proposals may be waived if an opportunity to piggyback another governmental entity’s competitive bid is available. This can save the City the cost of soliciting formal bids for the same commodity or service.  It is against the City’s Standard Operating Procedures to split a purchase into two or more orders to avoid the $5,000 limit and related requirement for three written quotes.

Once quotes, bids, or proposals are received, the department requesting the purchase will be involved in evaluating the results. For purchases under $50,000, the City Manager or his designee will approve the purchase. For purchases valued at $50,000.01 or more, the City Manager will make a recommendation to the City Council for award. Once an award is made, the requesting department may enter a requisition and a purchase order will be processed. The user department will contact the vendor to place the order. Vendors should not start work until a purchase order is received. Work performed without a purchase order is not binding on the City of Oviedo.