Community Calendar Submission Guidelines


Website Community Event Calendar 

Purpose: To state the requirements and procedural framework for adding events to the City's Community Event Calendar located on the City's website. 

Scope: The City Public Information Department shall maintain a community calendar on the City's website for the purposes of goodwill and harmony with the Citizens, non-profits and civic clubs located within the City of Oviedo. 


1. Only events taking place within the City of Oviedo shall be considered for addition to the calendar. 

2. To be considered for addition, all events must be submitted for review via the Community Calendar Submission Form located on the City's website, with all required information completed. 

3. Only events open and available to the public shall be considered. 

4. Events must be sponsored by a group, club, homeowner's association, or other organization. 

5. All events should be submitted 3 0 days prior to the start of the event. 

6. City staff may add events of note which have not been submitted. 

7. Events may be removed from the calendar without notice in the event of a local state of emergency or if they violate any restriction stated herein. 


1. As a public entity the City must abide by certain standards to serve all its constituents in a civil and unbiased manner. 

2. Postings, content, or comments on the Community Events Calendar containing any of the following inappropriate forms of content shall not be permitted and are subject to removal and/or restriction by the City: 

  • a. Violent, profane, obscene, or pornographic content and/or language; 
  • b. Content or postings that promote, foster, or perpetuate discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, or national origin; 
  • c. Content or postings that threaten or defame any person or organization; 
  • d. Content or postings that are hateful or incite violence or promote insurrection; 
  • e. Solicitation of commerce, including but not limited to, the advertising of any business or product for sale; 
  • f. Conduct in violation of any federal, state, or local law or local ordinance; 
  • g. Encouragement of, or promotion of, any illegal activity; 
  • h. Information that may tend to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems; 
  • i. Content that violates a legal ownership interest, such as a copyright, of any party. 

3. A posting of a meeting or event on the Community Events Calendar by any individual, club, group, homeowners' association or other organization does not imply endorsement of such meeting or event by the City. 

4. The City reserves the right to deny access to the Community Events Calendar to any individual, club, group, homeowners' association, or other organization that violates any of the above restrictions. 

5. The City reserves the right to amend, revise, suspend, or remove the Community Events Calendar at any time the City deems it necessary, appropriate, or advisable.