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Community Calendar Submission Form

  1. Please enter the complete event title.
  2. This will be copied verbatim in the calendar. Please include any and all pertinent details in your description you would like the public to see.
  3. The event must be submitted thirty (30) days prior to event date.
  4. Enter the start time of your event. A specific time must be entered.
  5. Please enter the date your event will end.
  6. Please enter the time your event will end.
  7. If your event is sponsored by a community group, club or organization, please enter the name here.
  8. Please enter the name of the location where your event will take place.
  9. Please enter the street address for the location of your event.
  10. Please enter the name of the event organizer who may be able to answer questions by the public.
  11. Please enter the phone number of the primary contact.
  12. Please enter the email address of the primary contact.
  13. Please enter a link to an event or organization website.
  14. Please provide social media channels where event will be promoted

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