Planning Division is responsible for monitoring compliance with and administering the City's Comprehensive Plan in accordance with Chapter 163, Florida Statutes, and Chapter 9J-5, Florida Administrative Code. Planning ensures that adequate infrastructure and basic services are available to support new development and redevelopment and assists customers in complying with the City's Land Development Code, Comprehensive Plan, Future Land Use Map Series and related ordinances through a managed review process. Additionally, Planning provides technical data and recommendations for land development proposals to the Local Planning Agency (LPA) and City Council.

Processing Applications

Planning staff processes applications for:

  • Annexations
  • Business Tax Receipt information
  • Deviations
  • Future Land Use Map (FLUM) Amendments
  • Outdoor Sales Events
  • Special Events Permits
  • Special Exception Use Orders
  • Temporary Signs
  • Text Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan
  • Zoning Map Amendments

Each application form will include information regarding:

  • Application Fee Amount
  • Code Regulations and Review Criteria
  • Procedures for Approval Process and City Council Consideration
  • Submittal Requirements
  • Timeline for Compliance Review

Pre-Application Meeting

If you have general inquiries on your property's future land use designation or zoning district or are unsure of which application(s) to apply for or what type of development activities can go on your property, we encourage you to apply for a Pre-application meeting so that you can speak with the various City Departments and Divisions. Pre-application meetings, which are at no cost, are optional, occur weekly on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m. and are placed on the schedule one week prior to the requested meeting date.