City of Oviedo 10-Year Mobility Plan

City of Oviedo 10-year Mobility Plan Workshop

6-7:30 P.M. THURSDAY, JUNE 10
OVIEDO, FL 32765

The workshop, hosted by VHB, will review the preliminary list of potential transportation improvements and programs to be included in the City's 10-year Mobility Plan. The workshop will be held at the Oviedo Amphitheatre & Cultural Center at 357 Center Lake Lane, Oviedo, Florida 32765. 

Questions and comments can be forwarded to the Planning Division at (407) 971-5776 or For more information on the plan, please read below.

Pages from 10-Year Mobility Plan Memo Atch1 Consultant Presentation (002)

MetroPlan Orlando contracted with Vanasse Hangen Brustlin (VHB) to develop a city-wide 10-Year Mobility Plan for the City of Oviedo to address near-term transportation challenges. The Mobility Plan will be a comprehensive 10-year plan that will provide a prioritized list of capital improvement projects, programs (such as Safe Routes to Schools, Vision Zero, etc.), transit projects/programs (in collaboration with LYNX), and other mobility strategies. VHB is currently working on the City’s Comprehensive Plan update, which has a planning horizon of 2045. The creation of the 10-Year Mobility Plan will incorporate the data and analysis of the Comprehensive Plan update, as well as issues and challenges identified by the community during the Comprehensive Plan visioning public workshops. 

Using the existing, proposed project lists (e.g., capital improvement program and annual budget) and plans (e.g., Downtown Master Plan, 2045 Comprehensive Plan update) as a starting point, VHB began, with assistance from City staff, to refine and identify potential new capital improvement projects to improve mobility within the City, which include: 

  • Assessment of the City’s roadway system to increase overall connectivity
  • Complete Street retrofits
  • Transit improvements (in coordination with LYNX) 
  • Creation of an autonomous vehicle circulator transit system (in coordination with private agencies) 
  • Sidewalk, trails and active transportation facilities
  • Multimodal capacity improvements
  • Policies for micromobility
  • Programs, such as Safe Routes to School, Vision Zero, ReThink Your Commute

These projects will be compiled and reviewed with City staff and summarized during a public workshop series.  In addition, input will be solicited from the public to identify additional projects. 

View the May 3, 2021 presentation to City Council and accompanying PowerPoint online.

  • Scroll to Discussion Item 14 and click on "City of Oviedo 10-Year Mobility Plan." View or download the PowerPoint titled "10-Year Mobility Plan memo Atch1". The annotated presentation video will appear to the right. 
  • Or, visit PrimeGov Portal and select the May 3 City Council Regular Meeting "packet." This discussion item, which includes the PowerPoint, begins on page 212. Next, visit the City YouTube Channel and select the May 3 City Council Regular Session. The presentation begins at 30:38.

After City Council’s input, VHB will assist City staff in conducting up to two (2) public input sessions with the public.  Based on public and staff input, and potential funding revenues (to be developed by the City), VHB will develop a draft 10-Year Mobility Plan as described below:

1. Development of a Prioritized List of Capital improvement projects.

  1. Develop a project prioritization process. A draft of this process will be provided to City staff for review and commenting. Once City staff provides comments, they will be discussed in a conference call and adjustments to the process will be made. This process will be used to prioritize mobility projects identified during the public workshops.
  2. Types of projects and cost estimates.
    1. Complete Streets retrofits, new sidewalks, bike/pedestrian facilities, golf cart paths on local roads, etc.
    2. Transit improvements (in coordination with LYNX).
    3. Creation of an autonomous vehicle circulator transit system (in coordination with private agencies).
    4. Rough estimates of probable costs for projects developed for budget planning purposes that incorporates design, construction, engineering and inspection (CEI); and cost escalation assumptions by year.
  3. The primary interest is for the list to prioritize projects that can reasonably be funded over the next ten years (factoring in other needs such as regular pavement management, sidewalk repairs, and other maintenance activities).
  4. Additional "unfunded" projects will be provided for future consideration.
  5. Where feasible, cross-reference to planned/anticipated resurfacing, stormwater and water/sewer capital projects will be considered in prioritization, as in some cases the required improvements could be programmed all at once at a particular location.
  6. If available, additional third-party data (such as Strava or StreetLight) for local bike ridership patterns may be used as needed to help plan/prioritize projects.

 2. A Draft Prioritized Project List will be developed and provided to City staff for review and commenting. The rankings will be discussed at a Workshop with City staff. VHB will adjust the priorities to be provided in the 10-year Draft Plan pursuant to Workshop discussions.

3. Map(s) of proposed improvements depicted by category.

4. Strategy for submitting projects for funding (e.g., MetroPlan Orlando bicycle/ pedestrian project process; other state/federal grants; etc.). The Plan will also provide recommendations regarding applying for project funding from regional, state, and federal funding sources.

5. The Mobility Plan will include a ten-year draft spending plan that will be based on:

  1. Projected available funding, such as available Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) funds, Seminole County funds and other applicable local funding sources. Revenue projections and appropriate allocation for Mobility improvements will be provided by the City.
  2. Prioritized list of capital improvement projects.
  3. A Preliminary Draft 10-Year Mobility Plan will be developed and provided to City staff for internal review and commenting. A meeting with City staff will be held to discuss the inclusion of review comments. A Draft 10-Year Mobility Plan will be provided to the City.

 VHB is seeking direction from the City Council on the following questions:  What additional projects or programs should be considered for implementation?  Which proposed projects should be prioritized?  What are the obstacles in pushing the discussed projects forward?

Budget Impact:   There is no budget impact associated with the discussion of the 10-year Mobility Plan. The Comprehensive Plan Update was budgeted in FY 2019-2020. There are no additional costs associated with the Comprehensive Plan Update.

Strategic Impact:   Continuing high levels of customer service, productivity, and efficiency which maintain fiscal and organizational health.

Recommendation:   It is recommended that City Council provide direction to staff on projects or programs to be implemented, which projects should be prioritized, and obstacles the Council foresee in supporting the projects.

Prepared by:                Debra Pierre, Planning Manager