Vehicle Safety Assessment Survey

Vehicle Safety Assessment hanger 1_Page_1To reduce vehicle burglaries in our City, the Oviedo Police Department is conducting Vehicle Assessments to educate our residents and spread awareness about reducing the risk of becoming a burglary victim.

Officers are checking vehicles to determine if the vehicle is locked and free of valuables in plain sight. 

Criminals are opportunists and always looking for an easy target. A locked vehicle, and a vehicle with nothing in sight to tempt a criminal, is less likely to be burglarized. 

How to Read your Vehicle Assessment Survey

    Check the Vehicle Assessment Survey completed on your vehicle.  

    Look for the ‘Codes for Results' and enter web address provided or scan the QR code with your phone's camera.

    See how you did!

Codes Results

1010- Congratulations! Your vehicle is locked and there are no valuables in sight! Way to #LockitupOviedo

1011 – Your vehicle is locked, but there are valuables in plain sight. Take anything of value with you, and hide anything that may tempt criminals.

1012- Your vehicle is unlocked. There are no valuables in plain sight. Great job taking your valuables with you, but a criminal may still enter your unlocked car and rummage through it. Be sure to lock it up!

1013- Your vehicle is unlocked AND there are valuables in plain sight. Your vehicle is a jackpot for an opportunistic criminal. Lock it up and take your valuables with you. 

Read below for additional ways to protect your vehicle and home!


The #9pmRoutine is a social media campaign reminding you to button up your household for the night. It's important because thieves often look for opportunities such as unlocked doors and unlocked vehicles.

From cute pics to silly memes, we promote this nightly nudge to head out to make sure you've done the #9pmRoutine. It's important because thieves often look for opportunities such as unlocked doors and unlocked vehicles. We'll also remind you to make sure your garage door is closed and outside lights are on, then lock your exterior doors.

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