Recreation Membership

what is a recreation membership?

The Recreation Membership is an annual membership, which is available to Oviedo City Residents and Non-Oviedo Residents alike, and will be offered on an individual basis. While a membership will not be required to register for activities or daily use of the facilities, individuals who pay for the Recreation Membership will be granted a discounted rate, or benefit for activities, daily fees, passes, as well as rentals.

Individuals who pay the annual Membership Fee will be provided a Recreation ID card, which will identify those individual members versus non-members. A Recreation ID card will be valid for a 12-month period from the date of issue and must be current at the time of enrollment in activities, daily fees passes, or rental fees.

One key feature that will be incorporated into the Recreation ID process will be the inclusion of a photo identification for each individual purchasing a Recreation Membership. During the transaction utilizing a Recreation ID at one of our locations, the photo ID of the Member, along with any important information, will open up in a window in the RecTrac computer system to provide City staff verification of Membership.

what is the purpose of a recreation membership?

As the City of Oviedo continues to grow, so does the Recreation & Parks Department. In order to ensure that Recreation & Parks maintain our excellent services while growing and progressing with our ever-changing community, the implementation of a Recreation Membership became imperative to support the Department. With the introduction of Memberships, the Department will also be adding a new layer of security verification within our support software. All funds received from Recreation Memberships will be directed back into the Recreation and Parks Department’s facilities, equipment, and programs. 

how much does it cost for a recreation membership?

City Residents $30 per individual annually*

Non-Residents $60 per individual annually

*Resident Households that register for a Recreation Membership and are registering more than three individuals (totaling $90), will receive complimentary Memberships for the remaining individuals in the household at no additional charge.  

who can purchase a recreation membership?

Anyone! In order to be eligible for a Recreation Membership, the individual must have or be part of an active household within the Recreation & Parks Department's RecTrac software. For more information on RecTrac and how to create a household, follow this link.  

The benefits of the Recreation Membership will only be applied to the registered individuals, not the family household members. Defined household members are immediate family members (i.e., primary guardians/children). For any dependents that are not primary guardians or children (i.e., grandparents or other family members), proof of dependency will be required to sign said dependents onto the household. A dependent is an individual living within the household who is claimed on the primary guardian’s income tax return. 

how to register and proof of residency

Registration for the Recreation Membership must be completed in person at one of the following locations:  Riverside Park or the Gymnasium & Aquatic Facility. The following are required in order to complete the Recreation Membership registration: current driver’s license and/or other photo ID (for adults), verification of birth date for youth (birth certificate or passport), and a recent utility bill indicating residential address (for resident rates). 

membership expiration dates and renewals

Memberships are valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.  Once a membership expires, individuals will still be able to enjoy activities, daily visits, passes and rentals, but at the Non-Member fee rate. There are no grace periods on the renewal of membership. Memberships cannot be frozen or placed in hold status at any time. No exceptions will be made.   

Members are always welcome to check on their expiration date by contacting the front desk at any of our locations. Proof of residency is again required when renewing membership. New Membership ID cards will not be created; however, all pass holders will be asked to update all of their household information.