Flood Informational Material

The City of Oviedo participates in the Community Rating System through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Be Pro-Active

You can register for early warning flood alerts and potential disaster events through reverse 911. This system will focus on homes or businesses that are identified within a Special Flood Hazard Area. You must have a landline with a published phone number to register.

The City strongly recommends ALL residents and business owners incorporate some type of alerting method. This can be done via a weather alert radio or by registering online at Alert Seminole.  You can also check the levels of the Econ River, using their Gage Height website.

If you require information on your property to assist in the purchase of Flood Insurance, such as community determined base flood elevations, information on the flood zone affecting your property, or whether official elevation certificates are available, please contact Amanda Kortus, CFM at 407-971-5682 or email Amanda Kortus.

Please remember, the procurement of Flood Insurance must be in place prior to a flood event and well in advance of the disaster. Flood Insurance typically takes 30 days to be in effect prior to any claim. Please see updates to the NFIP Flood Insurance changes.

Being pro-active prior to the hurricane and severe weather season is vital in protecting your property and personal items. The use of a small safety box containing important documents such as insurance paperwork, photographs of valuable items, an inventory of personal property, and copies of ID’s and birth certificates is invaluable should a natural disaster occur. Ensure your property surrounding your home is maintained. Check that underdrains are clear of grass and clippings to allow stormwater to freely convey to drainage areas. Swales, berms, and drainage easements should be free of structures and in their original intended design. If you notice flash flooding occurs on your property during heavy rainstorms, be proactive and place sandbags or other suitable materials up against potential flood openings such as sliding or french doors. Check guttering and downspouts so that they convey water away from structures and have splash pads under downspouts to protect erosion from occurring under foundations.

Be Aware

The City’s stormwater infrastructure is the most vital part of flood prevention. Keeping structures and pipes clear of debris will prevent damage and blockages to the City’s conveyance system. Putting anything in or down storm drains, inlets, ponds, or ditches is considered illicit dumping and should be reported to the City at 407-971-5668 for investigation.

Thank you for keeping Oviedo a safe and beautiful place to live, work and play!