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Thursday, October 14, 2021

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residents will decide four charter amendment questions this election

The below is a City-drafted synopsis of each of the four (4) Charter Question/Amendments residents will have the option to vote on this election cycle. To learn more, including the purpose of the City Charter and details about the process to update the City Charter, visit youroviedocharter.com.

Read the questions/amendments in their entirety, exactly as they will appear on the ballot, at youroviedocharter.com.

Term LengthQuestion/Amendment 1 – Term Length
 Oviedo City Council Members, including the Mayor, each presently serve a two-year term, with elections occurring annually. Oviedo voter turnout in an off-year election, on average, is 5,036. Oviedo voter turnout in a statewide election year, on average, is 17,957. The cost the City incurs per voter is $5 in City-run elections (non-statewide) while the average cost the City incurs per vote is $0.18 in years in which statewide elections occur.

  • Amendment 1 would increase the Oviedo City Council and Mayoral terms to four years in a phased implementation.
  • Amendment 1 would move City elections to coincide with presidential and gubernatorial (statewide) elections, saving the City of Oviedo an estimated $22,408.33 in election costs per election based on voter turnout averages.

Debt FinancingQuestion/Amendment 2 – Debt Financing
 In the 15 years since the City last raised its debt issuance limit, the consumer price index has risen 28.54% so- what cost $5,000,000 in 2006 now costs $6,427,076.

  • Amendment 2 would increase the total amount of debt allowed per calendar year from $5 million to $10 million (the current Charter provision that requires an affirmative vote of four (4) City Councilmembers at a public hearing for debt issues would remain unchanged).
  • The $10 million limit would not apply to debt secured by water, wastewater, stormwater utility funds or debt associated with operational leases.
  • Amendment 2 would remove an obsolete sentence pertaining to the past purchase of Alafaya Utilities, Inc.

Election ProvisionsQuestion/Amendment 3 – Election Provisions
 The increase in the number of signatures required on a nominating petition reflects the City’s population growth and requires candidates to have “sweat” equity in qualifying to seek election for City Council or Mayor. Other changes reflect the current state election process governed by state statute, includes clean-up language and reflects the current standardized state form.

  • Amendment 3 would increase the thirty (30) and sixty (60) day timeframes to sixty (60) and ninety (90) days, respectively, to reflect the current election process.
  • Amendment 3 would increase the number of signatures required to be obtained on a nominating petition from twenty-five (25) to one hundred fifty (150).
  • Amendment 3 would correct a scrivener’s error by replacing the word “ref” with the word “recall” [Sec. 3.03.04].
  • Amendment 3 would delete a sentence and revise a sentence because the nominating petition is a standardized state form. [Sec. 3.03.10 & 3.03.11].

City ClerkPublic DepositoriesQuestion/Amendment 4 – City Clerk/Public Depositories
 Various parts of the current Charter require updates to correct outdated provisions, inconsistencies, and a typographical error.

  • Amendment 4 would delete the provision that requires the City Manager to furnish a bond (City Councils historically have not required City Mangers to furnish a bond).
  • Amendment 4 would delete a sentence to eliminate an inconsistency that states that the City Manager shall appoint, suspend, demote and/or remove any subordinate officers and employees under the city manager’s jurisdiction, including the City Clerk.
  • Amendment 4 would delete the word “in” from a sentence to correct a typographical error. [Sec. 4.07].

Visit youroviedocharter.com for more information. 

IMG_0186City Council Meeting Monday, October 18

6:30 p.m. Monday, October 18
City Hall
400 Alexandria Blvd.
Oviedo, FL

Watch live or recorded meetings on the City YouTube Channel.

Access meeting agenda, packet, and other documents online.

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Oviedo Fire Chief Michael Woodward presents SCPS employee Liza Davila with the department's Life-Saving Award. Davila, a bus driver for SCPS, saved an Oviedo High School student's life by performing the Heimlich Maneuver.

Oviedo Bus Driver Saves student's life

Quick thinking and training saves lives. One Seminole County Public Schools employee did just that recently.

On an August bus ride home from school, an Oviedo High School student came to the front of the bus in distress. Liza Davila, a bus driver with SCPS for more than nine years, recognized the student was choking and performed the Heimlich Maneuver saving the student's life. 

Thanks to her quick thinking and training, this student is alive and well today. Thank you, Ms. Davila!

FD Dog Rescue

Solary Work DayLearn More About Solary Park

City staff held a workday Wednesday, Oct. 6 to help place boulders to control erosion at Solary Park. 

The park is an enhanced stormwater management system allowing for the development of the historic commercial district. 

Named for Solary Wharf, the primary point where early Oviedo settlers disembarked from steamships after traveling to Lake Jesup on the St. John's River, will include displays that recount the history and founding of Oviedo.

Stay tuned for a date and an invitation to the grand opening party. 

Learn more about the park online.

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Join Fire Cadets Today!


Seminole County and its partners remind residents that October 1 marks the beginning of the non-restricted season for fertilizing. Fertilizer containing nitrogen that is used during the non-restricted season (October 1st – May 31st) must contain 65% or more slow-release nitrogen. Learn more at FertilizeFlorida.com.

Social Media post

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Chief ColemanChief's Corner

Kids love the magic of Halloween: Trick-or-treating, classroom parties, and trips to a neighborhood haunted house. Halloween will be here before you know it, and there is often a fine line between fun and safety concerns for moms and dads, especially when it comes to road and pedestrian safety. 

Is it any wonder that with so many young children out on the streets with so many distractions that parents' holiday fun is tempered with concerns of holiday safety, especially road and pedestrian safety? Keep in mind that National Safety Council research revealed that Lack of visibility because of low lighting or dark clothing accounted for about 18 percent of the deaths. Children are more than twice as likely to be hit and killed by a car on Halloween than any other day of the year.

Now is the time to plan for Halloween safety. You can discuss the following safety tips with your child or take yourself to keep children safe on Halloween. 

  • Children should avoid trick or treating alone. Instead, children should walk in groups with a mask and or with a trusted adult.
  • Fasten reflective tape to costumes and bags to help drivers see. 
  • Try to select a bright-colored costume when possible. Hold a flashlight or glow stick while trick or treating to help see and be seen by drivers. 
  • Look left, look right, and left again when crossing the street. Use crosswalks when possible. 
  • Walk on sidewalks whenever possible or on the edge of the road facing traffic when sidewalks are unavailable. 
  • When wearing masks, make sure they fit well not to block vision and make the costumes fit so as not to cause trips and falls. 
  • Remind your child to only enter homes if they are with a trusted adult, only visit well-lit houses, and never accept rides from strangers. 

As parents, always check your children's candy before allowing them to eat it. If you are passing out candy, a suggestion would be to have the candy individually packaged, so kids can grab a handle and go.

Those drivers on the road should take the advice of Safe Kids Worldwide to:

  • Slow down and be especially careful in residential areas.
  • Take extra time to look for kids at intersections, on medians, and on curbs and sidewalks.
  • Enter and exit driveways slowly and carefully.
  • Drive slowly, anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic and turn on headlights earlier in the day to spot children from greater distances.

Extra Oviedo Police officers will be out in the neighborhoods on Halloween, monitoring traffic and pedestrian safety. We will all be working together to keep children safe on Halloween.

Dale Coleman
Oviedo Police Chief

cub scouts

CUB SCOUTS Put Civic promise into action

Local Cub Scout Pack 631 doesn't just hike: They hike with a purpose. 

The scouts used Center Lake Park as the home base for their monthly outdoor activity and hiked through the area, picking up any trash or debris they found along the way. Being "considerate of the outdoors" is just one of the tenants of their outdoor code, a promise scouts make to improve the world around them. 

Laura Paquette, the Pack's Den Leader, said it's just one part of their regular community service - and they love to enjoy what Oviedo has to offer and help make it more enjoyable for others. 

Thank you, Pack 631 for helping improve our community and practicing your outdoor code!

National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Weekend

Oviedo Fire Department Honors Fallen Firefighters

Each year on the first Sunday of every October, flags are lowered to half-staff to honor and remember the service and sacrifice of America’s fallen firefighters. 

Oviedo Fire Rescue will never forget the men and women who lost their lives while serving and saving others, including our own Firefighter/EMT Shane M. Kelly, who died at the young age of 26 years old, in the line of duty when a tractor-trailer crashed into him while he was attempting to free an injured newlywed couple trapped in a crushed vehicle on the Florida turnpike. 


Visit Seminole County online at PrepareSeminole.org to view all the latest COVID-19 information

At PrepareSeminole.org, you'll find: 

  • County-sponsored vaccine availability (varies by date, time, and location throughout Seminole County)
  • Links to other vaccine availability (such as pharmacies, retailers, and other entities offering the vaccine)
  • COVID-19 testing information
  • and more

Call Seminole County at (407) 665-0000 for more information.

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Join the Oviedo Police Department in the 9 p.m. routine

Oviedo PD sends a friendly reminder every night through social media to head out to make sure you've done the #9pmRoutine: A nightly plan to make your vehicle and home more secure. It's important because thieves often look for opportunities such as unlocked doors and unlocked vehicles. At 9 p.m. remember to: 

-Check your vehicle for visible valuables
-Lock car doors
-Make sure your home is well-lit
-Lock all your doors

Join the conversation with #HeyOviedo and #9pmRoutine or share our posts on FB and help spread the word. 


Lockwood blvd lane closures (at Lockwood bridge)      

Alternate lane closures will occur on Lockwood Blvd (at the Lockwood Bridge) from 7 PM until 5:30 AM beginning Sunday, October 3rd through Friday, October 15th for roadway maintenance. 

Maintenance of traffic will be in place to route vehicles safely around the work zone. Please drive with caution if traveling in this area.


The public parking lot located on the corner of N Division Street and E Franklin Street is closed until further notice for reconstruction.


Closure to sections of sidewalks adjacent to East Franklin Street and Geneva Drive will occur during construction of the Solary Park Project. The project is anticipated to be complete in 2021.