Reclaim Water

Reclaimed Water Irrigation Procedures

Reclaimed water is domestic wastewater which as been treated and disinfected to a high degree such that it can be safely used to irrigate golf courses and residential lawns. (Reuse and Reclaim are one in the same).

It must be mentioned that these two systems can never be interconnected to any other water system; to do so is a violation of Federal, State, and local laws/regulations. Although it has been filtered and solids removed, it is not entirely free of contaminants, which could cause illness in a person. Interconnecting these systems with another system can be very hazardous to your health, your neighbors, and possibly the City Water Distribution system. 

More information about reclaimed water and the benefits of this "conservation alternative" can be understood by viewing the Reclaimed Water - The Conservation Alternative document.  Call 407-971-5691 to request a copy of this document.