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Elevation Certificate Completion Requirements.

  • All new homes within or partially within a special flood hazard area require an elevation certificate.
  • Elevation certificates should only be filled out by a licensed surveyor or professional engineer.
  • The most recent FEMA-published elevation certificate must be used.
  • An elevation certificate can be downloaded from the FEMA website (
  • An elevation certificate must be submitted to the City’s Floodplain Manager for approval prior to a Certificate of Occupancy being issued for a new or substantially improved structure.

Common Errors and Omissions 

  • A.2 provides a complete address including zip codes on all pages.

  • A.5 Longitude and Latitude are required in the latest elevation certificate. Use either decimal degrees (e.g. 40.6045”, -120.67676”) or degrees, minutes, and seconds (e.g. 39”30’ 15.5”, - 110.7585) format. If decimal degrees are used, provide coordinates to at least 4 decimal places or better.  When using degrees, minutes, and seconds, provide seconds to at least 1 decimal place or better.

  • A.7. Diagram 1 is no longer used and has been replaced by 1A or 18. There are a total of 11 diagrams to choose from, please select the most appropriate matching one for the structure.

  • A.8. Please provide this information if applicable. If it is not applicable please use 0 for a through c.

  • A.9. Please provide this information if it is applicable. If this section is not applicable please use 0 for a through c.  (A9-d has to be marked either “yes” or “no."

  • B.1. The NFIP Community name is the City of Oviedo 120293.

  • B.2. Should read “Seminole County.”

  • B.4. The appropriate map panel should be used. Map panels within the City of Oviedo are as follows;
    • 12117CO190F Effective 09/28/2007
    • 12117C0195F Effective 09/28/2007



  • C.1 A certificate of occupancy will not be issued unless completed construction is checked.

  • C.2 provide the vertical datum for the benchmark elevation. All elevations on the certificate, including the elevations for items C2.a-h must use the same datum on which the BFE is based (i.e. item B9). Show the conversion from the field survey datum used if differs from the datum used for the BFE entered in B9 and indicate the conversion software used. Show the datum conversion if necessary in the comments section. Provide complete benchmark information (city or county).

  • All sections must be filled out within section C. If items do not apply NA must be shown.

  • Section D. Include signature, date, and a raised seal. The seal should cover the signature and date. A copy may be scanned initially to the Floodplain Manager for review. If the certificate is reviewed and accepted an original must be submitted to the Building Department for placement in the flood information repository. The City of Oviedo requires photographs of all four (4 sides of the building including mechanical equipment such as the air conditioner on the slab).

  • Section E and G. Provide the complete address of the property.

  • Affix clear color photographs to the back of certificates.

For floodplain information please contact:
Amanda Kortus, CFM