Heat Related Emergencies

Heat Emergencies in Oviedo

The City of Oviedo Fire Department encourages you to be aware of the signs and symptoms of a Heat Related Emergency. A Heat Related Emergency is common during the high-temperature summer months and particularly applies to those working outdoors, the very young, and the elderly, or those with other medical conditions.

Several types of Heat Related Emergencies are possible and can pose an immediate threat to your health including irreversible damage to organs and potentially death. Recognizing these conditions will provide you with an opportunity to take corrective measures to avoid a Heat Related Emergency.


Call 911 for all Heat Related Emergencies for an evaluation by a trained EMT or Paramedic. Place the patient(s) in a cooler environment, loosen clothing or remove clothing, apply cool ice packs to the neck, groin, and armpits, apply cool moist towels, and only provide water if the patient is suffering from Heat Cramps or Heat Exhaustion, not Heat Stroke.