Child Proofing The Home Safety Tips

Need for CHILD-PROOFING Your Home

Did you know thousands of children are injured each year in the home from otherwise preventable accidents?

The City of Oviedo Fire Department has created a Child Proofing the Home Safety Checklist that will assist you in conducting a self-inspection of your home for potential hazards that could cause serious injury to your child. We also have a Child Proofing the Home Display Board located at our Fire Administration Office that will show you the various Child Proofing the Home Products available from local retail stores.

Inspect every room for hazards. Get down on the floor and see the room as a child would see it.


· Create and practice a fire escape plan.

· Install smoke detectors/alarms on every floor, inside and outside each bedroom

· Test your smoke alarm and change the battery when you change the clock.

· Install a Class ABC fire extinguisher in the kitchen & garage.

· Install cabinet locks.

· Install double cabinet locks on medication cabinets.

· Install oven/stove knob protectors.

· Install toilet seat locks.

· Install blind cord retractors.

· Install electrical cord retractors.

· Install door guards on interior doors.

· Install door chimes on doors leading to outside and pool area as well.

· Install appliance locks on refrigerators & freezers.

· Install non slip products in bath tubs and showers.

· Install counter top corner protectors on sharp edges.

· Set water heater at 100 degrees or less.

· Inspect crib rails/bed rails to make sure infants/small children can’t fit head between slats.

· Do not leave infants/children unattended when bathing or in swimming pool.

· Inspect all furniture for possible tip over hazard.

· Secure firearms properly with locks in accordance with state law.

· Install telephone near pool area.

 · Install pool water alarm.

· Install pool safety fence or barrier.

· Install privacy fence around back yard with a pool or trampoline.

· Do not leave toys around pool area or in pool after use.

· Make sure spa lid is well secured.

· Store pool and spa chemicals safely and locked.

· Provide swimming lessons to children.

· Always supervise swimming activities or use of spa.

· Store hazardous chemicals for lawn, pool, cleaning, automotive, in a secure location away from children and locked.

· Inspect toys often for broken parts or loose materials.

· Learn what plants may be poisonous.

· Keep candles away from the reach of children. Use a glass globe cover.

· Keep portable heaters away from children.

· Make sure fireplace has protective screen and supervise during use.

· Teach children how to dial 911, only for an emergency, and if old enough their name/address, etc.