Adopt a Road Program

The Adopt A Road Program allows residents to directly impact pollution prevention to our surrounding surface waters. These valuable volunteers assist in the collection of right-of-way trash before it has a chance to enter our storm system and waterways.

If you wish to Adopt A Road, please contact the City of Oviedo Stormwater Coordinator.

  • Participants must enter into a two-year agreement and sign a liability waiver. 
  • Provide name of the group or family to be displayed on signage that will be placed at the beginning and end of the adopted roadway segment.
  • Remove trash along the adopted roadway a minimum of six times per year.
  • Report to the Stormwater Coordinator the date and amount of trash collected; trash is normally collected and estimated in fifty-gallon trash bags.  If more than three pick-ups are missed, that portion of roadway will be placed for re-adoption, and the current signage removed.
  • Collection bags should be left tied to the signage pole for pick-up by the Public Works Department.
  • All adopting parties will be announced in the Oviedo in the News publication and on the City’s social media sites.


  • Lockwood Boulevard from Ekana Drive to Arrowroot Place
  • E Mitchell Hammock Road from Lockwood Blvd to Kingsbridge Drive & Lake Rogers Circle
  • E Mitchell Hammock Road from Kingsbridge Drive & Lake Rogers Circle to S Central Avenue (SR 434)
  • W Mitchell Hammock Road from S Central Avenue (SR 434) to W Broadway Street (SR 426)
  • Academy Avenue from E Broadway Street (CR 419) to the end of Doctors Drive
  • Chapel Street & Mission Road from W Broadway Street (SR 426) to the end of Mission Road
  • E Chapman Road from SR 434 to Lake Gregg Cove
  • Clark Street from S Lake Jessup Avenue to W Broadway Street (SR 426)

Thank you for helping to keep Oviedo beautiful!