Flood Maps & Stormwater Information

The City's Stormwater staff serves the citizens of Oviedo by cost effectively managing, maintaining, protecting, and improving the public stormwater drainage system to prevent damage to life and property from storms, floods, and hurricanes. We also work to protect water quality and safeguard our natural resources for all generations.


The City of Oviedo can provide flood proofing advice for older homes built prior to current building code standards, or homes that have a higher flooding risk due to the proximity of special flood hazard areas. To find out if a property is in a special flood hazard area and elevation certificate availability, please email Amanda Kortus, Stormwater Coordinator. 

The City of Oviedo is pro-active in local watershed monitoring, such as monthly lake levels and water quality. For more information, please visit the Seminole County Wateratlas website.


All properties, regardless of location, remember where it rains it can flood. Most basic homeowners insurance policies do not cover flooding, even from roof damage. 


Introducing anything other than water into the City's storm system, ponds, or ditches is considered illicit dumping and subject to punitive action by law.