Hurricane Preparedness

Being prepared for hurricanes

Hurricane Season begins June 1 and concludes November 30. The City of Oviedo Fire Rescue and Emergency Management Department urges all of Oviedo's citizens to prepare for the season by developing a Family and/or Business Disaster Plan. The plan may include the following:

  • Have cash on hand; power outages cut access to ATMs and credit card authorization.
  • Purchase non-perishable food and drinks to last for at least a week, and a cooler.
  • One gallon of water per day is recommended for each family member.
  • Remember baby food, diapers and pet food for those family members.
  • Purchase disposable plates, cups and utensils.
  • Put important papers, birth certificates, passports, wills, etc. in water proof/fire proof containers.
  • Refill prescriptions and take stock of other medical supplies.
  • Make certain flashlights are working and extra batteries are available.
  • Purchase candles and matches.
  • If you have a generator also have extra fuel; never use the generator indoors or in an enclosed area. CO2 can kill.

For more information on a family disaster plan contact the City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Emergency Management Department