Disaster Shelters

Oviedo Disaster Shelters

Disaster Shelters are opened on a "as needed" basis, generally reserved for natural or man made disasters. The City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Emergency Management in cooperation with Seminole County Emergency Management and the Seminole County School Board have established Disaster Shelters throughout Seminole County including the Oviedo area.

You are strongly encouraged to consider "shelter in place" or another-words, remain in your home during a disaster if you have made the appropriate disaster home preparations and your home is not in an immediate threat to rising water, destruction due to extreme weather or otherwise of suitable construction. A Disaster Shelter is suggested for those who are unable to properly secure their home, are unable to properly take care of their needs, are unable to stay with family or friends, or reside in a flood prone area.

The Disaster Shelters are opened depending upon the disaster location, size of the disaster, and many other factors. You are encouraged to monitor local news media and visit your local government website or other notifications on the status of local Disaster Shelters. If you choose to re-locate to a Disaster Shelter, you must bring your own food, water, personal products, medications, clothing, sleeping, etc., materials. Special Needs Disaster Shelters are reserved for those who have pre-qualified for placement due to specific medical and other needs. Pets are not permitted in most Disaster Shelters and you should make pre-arrangements for pet sheltering with your vet or other means.

Oviedo Area Disaster Shelters