State Road 426 / County Road 419 Project

State Road 426 Widening Project Outline

The SR 426 / CR 419 roadway widening project will ultimately connect the existing 4-lane roadway at Pine Avenue (near Oviedo High School) to the 4-lane segment of CR 419 at Lockwood Boulevard.

The overall estimated project cost is approximately $83 million dollars and is divided into three phases. Phase 1 addressed downtown (CR 426 / SR 434) intersection improvements. Phases 2 and 3 will make the connection to the west at Pine Avenue and to the east at Lockwood Boulevard. Federal, State, County, and City funds are being combined to accomplish this task.


PHASE 1 - Complete

Phase I addressed SR 434 (Central Avenue) from East Franklin Street to Smith Street and included intersection expansion at SR 426 / CR 419, the two-way traffic movement on SR 434 was restored through the historic downtown area, improved signalization, additional vehicle stacking/storage capacity, and turning movements in both directions. 

Phase 2 - Under Construction

Phase 2 will consist of reconstruction of SR 426/CR 419 from Pine Avenue to Adeline B Tinsley Way to include milling, resurfacing, drainage structures, utility improvements, retention ponds, signing and pavement markings, mast arms, signalization, lighting, and hardscape.  The project also includes improvements on Lake Jessup Avenue, Oviedo Blvd, and the realignment of Geneva Drive.

Phase 3 - Pending

Phase 3 will complete the connection of Phase 2 to the existing 4-lane divided roadway west of the intersection of Lockwood Boulevard.