Sidewalks are areas of paved concrete that run along roadways for pedestrians.  Sidewalks provide safety for anyone who wishes to use them for walking, jogging, running or walking their pets without the worry of vehicular traffic or bicycles.  

The City wants our residents to be aware of the process should a sidewalk be discovered damaged.  Here is an informative list of information should you see a sidewalk in need of repair in your neighborhood or along roadways. 

What constitutes a trip hazard?

In general, any change in elevation between sidewalk panels of more than 1/4 (one quarter) inch is considered a trip hazard. 

Where can a resident report a sidewalk in need of repairs?

Citizens can fill out a FIX-IT FORM online. Citizens should select "Damaged Sidewalk" from the problem list, and the form will be sent directly to Public Works. 

How do you decide what problems to address?

Public Works uses a work order system to log identified sidewalk replacement areas.  Scheduling replacement is based on a combination of a number of operational and practical criteria which include and can be a combination of:

  1. Where is the repair?
  2. Are there other repairs in the area?
  3. Is the location in a high pedestrian area?
  4. How much needs to be repaired?  
  5. Are there tree roots involved?
  6. Are there existing utilities that can be affected by the repair?
  7. Is the sidewalk undermined? 
  8. What will happen if we wait to repair a location?
  9. Is a disabled or elderly resident affected by the repair?

There can be a mix of the above-listed variables for each repair location. Time for repairs can be affected based on a number of variables.  Sometimes, staff has to set a priority (delaying already logged repair locations) in order to address an urgent need.  

When there are no urgent concrete repairs, staff does try to address the oldest sidewalk work orders first.   

Some repairs can have excessive delays, mostly due to logistics.  

The City also utilizes contractors to augment the normal sidewalk replacements when the budget permits. Live Oak and Kingsbridge West are the two traditional hot spots for rebuilding sidewalks due to the number of oak trees.  The contractors are funded through the ARPA funds and One Cent Sales Tax.  Work is completed in a shorter period of time, with contractors enhancing the job City workers are doing as well.