Solicitation Permits

The City of Oviedo has a process, by ordinance, that businesses or individuals have to follow in order to proceed with solicitation in neighborhoods. (Ordinance No. 1467, Municode Article V Sec 18. 231-235)

A business must apply for a solicitation permit through the Oviedo Police Department and follow the approval process.  The soliciting business must come to the police department and receive a packet of information before the application process can begin.  

The business must have an occupational license either in the city, county or state and proof of insurance must be supplied along with the appropriate application paperwork.

When all the paperwork is submitted, a copy of ID cards must be provided by all individuals who work for the company and will be going door-to-door.  Once approved, they are issued the permit by Oviedo Police and the department will issue permitted ID cards for every individual.

The City wants to provide information to our residents on how you can handle solicitations in your neighborhood.  There is an exception to the ordinance that includes non-profit and/or religious institutions, fund-raising groups from schools or other established groups (ex. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts), pre-planned sales demonstrations, service or repair calls to the home and food/grocery/liquid services to the home.   Always remember, you have the right not to engage a solicitor and if you feel someone is being suspicious, please call the police.

If someone solicits at your door:

  • You have the right to ask them to leave
  • You have the right to ask for their solicitation permit/ID (issued by Oviedo Police)
  • You have the right to put a 'No Solicitors' sign in your yard/door

Exceptions to Permits

  • Individuals representing Charitable or Religious institutions
  • Elementary, middle school and high school groups chaperoned by an adult, engaged in fund-raising sanctioned by a school board or persons under the age of 18 chaperoned by an adult, engaging in fund-raising sanctioned by a bona fide group such as the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or the like
  • Home Service or Repair services
  • Pre-arranged sales demonstrations
  • Milk, water, bakery, grocery or other vendors licensed by the city, whose service is prearranged

Suspicious Activity

  • Solicitors may not approach side or back doors
  • If you believe someone is acting suspiciously, call the non-emergency police line at 407-971-5700
  • Be aware if other people are with the solicitor but not approaching the door

To apply for a business solicitation permit, please go in-person to the Oviedo Police Department at 400 Alexandria Blvd, Oviedo, FL 32765