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Stormwater category

Flood Hazard: Check Before You Buy

Most everyone knows coastal properties are subject to flooding and wind damage from hurricanes. There are maps that show areas predicted to flood.

How You Can Prevent Water Pollution

Did You Know That........Every City Street is Like Waterfront Property?

It’s true! Just take a walk down your street. Before long, you’ll come to a storm drain. Any water that runs down this drain flows directly into our waterways. It does not pass through the sanitary sewer system, and it does not receive any kind of treatment.

Flood Study Report

FEMA recently revised the flood maps for Seminole County and the incorporated cities for insurance purposes. 

Flood Insurance Discounts for Oviedo Citizens

City of Oviedo residents and businesses receive discounts on their Flood Insurance through the City's continued participation in FEMA's National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and Community Rating System (CRS) Program.