Public Works

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City of Oviedo Public Works Department

Project Development & Environment (PD&E) Study SR426/CR419

Note: The PD&E Study Preliminary Engineering Report for SR426/CR419 has been divided into sections to allow for quicker download time.  Please be patient as some items may take  longer to open than others. Sections of the PD&E report that are not available on the website (due to their large file size) can be obtained through

Roadway Paving Schedule for FY 2007

The following roadway in the City of Oviedo are scheduled to be paved during FY 2007/08.  The road will be paved during the month assigned, weather permitting.


Water & Wastewater FAQs

Water & Wastewater FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Please browse the list of FAQ's below.  If you do not see the question or answer you need, please feel free to contact the Utilities Division at 407-971-5692

How do I report a water leak or line break?



Tree Maintenance

The Public Works Department ensures that trees located within the public Right-of-Ways are maintained, providing shade for Crape Myrtle City roadways, sidewalks, and municipal properties.  This involves:

Water Conservation

In an effort to help alleviate the growing over-demand of the Florida Aquifer, the City of Oviedo employs a full-time Water Conservation Officer to enforce water restriction requirements as well as

Cross Connection Control/Backflow Prevention

The Oviedo City Council passed Ordinance No. 976, which created the City's Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention Program.  This action was required by federal and state regulations and is mandatory for all public drinking water systems.

Water Production

The City of Oviedo provides our customers with safe, reliable drinking water from two interconnected water treatment facilities.  During the year ending 2006, we delivered 1,662,880,211 gallon