Public Works

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City of Oviedo Public Works Department

Regional Stormwater Pond

Engineering staff are currently working with City Consultants for design of a Regional Stormwater Pond which will enhance the City's ability for economic development and redevelopment of the City's downtown core.  The regional pond is anticipated to be located south of Franklin Street and west of Sweetwater Creek  on property acquired by the City for this purpose. 

Mitchell Hammock Road and Lockwood Boulevard Intersection Improvement

Preliminary Signalization Plans for Mitchell Hammock Road and Lockwood Boulevard Mast Arm Replacement are currently underway, as well as structural engineering to determine whether standard mast arm assemblies are adequate for the specific site and loading conditions.


Flood Hazard: Check Before You Buy

Most everyone knows coastal properties are subject to flooding and wind damage from hurricanes. There are maps that show areas predicted to flood.

Wastewater Plant Enhancement Project

In 2010, the City purchased what was then called the Alafaya Wastewater System, now called the Oviedo Water Reclamation Facility (OWRF).

Odor Control Project

Since purchasing the privately-owned Alafaya Utility in September of 2010, the City has been hard at work updating the system to address known structural and operational deficiencies and to improve permit compliance, efficiency and odor control issues.  In May of 2012, the City advertised the odor system as a design/build package for bid.  Three responsive proposals were rec

Little Creek Reclaimed Water Tie-In

The Little Creek Relacimed Water Main Extension Project was completed in April 2012 by Mora Engineering Contractors and Blue Ox Enterprises.



City of Oviedo's Utilities is a regional water utility that provides service to approximately 30,000 residents in Oviedo and Seminole County. Water service includes residential, multi-family and commercial establishments.

Fleet Services

The Fleet Maintenance Division of the Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining all City vehicles and equipment.  Staff includes a total of 3 employees who maintain more than 400 fleet inventory items, including small power equipment, automobiles, pickup trucks, heavy trucks, heavy equipment, police vehicles, and fire rescue vehicles.