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City of Oviedo Public Works Department

Pavement Management

A Pavement Management Plan is a vital tool needed to provide the City with information necessary to determine existing and future pavement conditions, predict financial needs and identify and prioritize pavement rehabilitation projects.

Mitchell Hammock Road and Eastbridge Drive/Henson Court Traffic Signal Project

The Mitchell Hammock Road and Eastbridge Drive/Henson Court Traffic Signal Project is currently under design by Inwood Consulting Engineers (Inwood) under a Work Order approved by City Council on May 2, 2016.  The project will provide for a signalized intersection resulting in safer ingress and egress from Kingsbridge East Village and Alafaya Woods developments.  This project is

Live Oak Reserve Force Main Replacement

The 10-inch diameter force main on Live Oak Reserve Boulevard has been a source of numerous breaks and point repairs over the last few years.  Although there are no immediate plans to replace the line, it is in the City's best interest to have the design completed in advance, should the need to replace the line become necessary.  Staff issued a Work Order to CPH, Inc. for the&nbs

State Road 434 at Alexandria Blvd. Traffic Signal - FDOT

Plans for a Traffic Signal at the intersection of SR434 and Alexandria Boulevard are currently underway by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT).  This is an FDOT project that is expected to bid in late 2016 and constructed during Winter/Spring 2017.  The City entered agreements with FDOT to include decorative mast arm upgrades and hardscap

Wood Street Extension

The City's Transportation Master Plan recommends an eastern through-connection linking State Road 434 to a northward extension of Center Lake Lane.  In May or 2015, staff began working with the City's Engineering Consultants on the design of the Wood Street Extension Project to accomplish the planned transportation enhancement and public benefit without impacting p

Regional Stormwater Pond

Engineering staff are currently working with City Consultants for design of a Regional Stormwater Pond which will enhance the City's ability for economic development and redevelopment of the City's downtown core.  The regional pond is anticipated to be located south of Franklin Street and west of Sweetwater Creek  on property acquired by the City for this purpose. 

Mitchell Hammock Road and Lockwood Boulevard Intersection Improvement

Preliminary Signalization Plans for Mitchell Hammock Road and Lockwood Boulevard Mast Arm Replacement are currently underway, as well as structural engineering to determine whether standard mast arm assemblies are adequate for the specific site and loading conditions.

Flood Hazard: Check Before You Buy

Most everyone knows coastal properties are subject to flooding and wind damage from hurricanes. There are maps that show areas predicted to flood.