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Purchasing division

Terms and Conditions

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

Tax Exempt Certificate

 The City of Oviedo is exempt from sales and excise taxes imposted by State or Federal Government.  To download a copy of the City's tax-exempt certificate Click Here

Single/Sole Source Postings

 Single/Sole Source Information:

These postings are designed to advise the supplier community, and the public, that the City of Oviedo intends to enter into a non-competitive agreement to purchase a product and/or service.

Bidding Information & Opportunities

The City of Oviedo's Purchasing Division is dedicated to providing fair and equitable treatment of all persons involved in the City's procurement process, while complying with all applicable laws.  We encourage all vendors to participate in the competitive solicitation process used by the City of Oviedo.

Purchasing Thresholds

The City of Oviedo Standard Operating Procedures establishes thresholds for the method of procurement based on the dollar value of the purchase.

Insurance Requirements

The City of Oviedo requires anyone who is performing any work on any City owned property to provide the following forms of insurance:

    * General Liability
    * Automobile Liability
    * Worker’s Compensation 

Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division reports directly to the Finance Department.

The mission of the City of Oviedo's Purchasing Division is to procure quality goods and services at the best overrall value to the City, and community, in accordance with the City's requirements, while assuring fair and equal opportunity to all qualified vendors.