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Questions About Wildlife? Things You Need To Know

Florida has black bears and they have been spotted in the eastern subdivisions of Oviedo.  Learn more about Florida Black Bears.

Oviedo In The News

 Oviedo In The News is a twice monthly e-publication distributed by the City to keep its citizens better informed on what is happening around the City.  Click on an edition, below, to view.

Volume 4

Oviedo Irrigation Schedules

The City of Oviedo maintains two (2) irrigation schedules:

  • A potable water irrigation schedule
  • A reclaimed water irrigation schedule in accordance with the State water use Rule 40C-  2.042

Access more information on Watering Schedules

Have You Been Experiencing High Water Usage?

Have You Been Experiencing High Water Usage?

Being a good water steward reduces water waste. Below are some simple tips to save water.

Common Water Loss Inside Your Home