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Mayor and Council

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The City Council is the five member elected legislative and governing body of the City responsible for establishing policies, managing growth and land use, adopting an annual budget and tax rate, setting water rates, wastewater rates and other fees and charges for City services, adopting local laws and ordinances and hiring and overseeing the City Manager. 

All City Council members and the Mayor serve two-year terms, are elected “at large” and must reside within the City to be an elected representative. 


Honorable Mayor Dominic Persampiere          407-971-5602

Read the Mayor's bio.               dpersampiere@cityofoviedo.net


Deputy Mayor Stephen Schenck                    407-971-5603

Read Councilmember Schenck's bio.         sschenck@cityofoviedo.net


 Council Member Keith Britton                       407-971-5604

Read Councilmember Britton's bio.          kbritton@cityofoviedo.net

 Council Member Steve Henken                    407-971-5605

Read Councilmember Henken's bio.          shenken@cityofoviedo.net

 Council Member Cynthia Drago               407-971-5601

Read Councilmember Drago's bio.          cdrago@cityofoviedo.net



 Watch your City Council

 Tune to Channel 496 to stay informed on government meetings and events in your community. If you are a Bright House basic cable customer you will need an analog or digital box to continue your access to the channel.  Please contact Bright House Networks for more information.