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Group Swim Lessons

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Group Swim Lessons
Riverside Pool
1600 Lockwood Blvd
  1. The City of Oviedo is an official provider of American Red Cross Learn-To-Swim lessons.
  1. Group lessons are offered March - October, for participants from 6 months to adults. 
  3. Please be advised: There is a new format for swim lessons starting in 2017.  
  4. For our Spring (March-May) and Fall (Aug-Oct) sessions there will be
  5. classes, with 5 classes guaranteed.
  6. Summer (June & July) sessions will be 8 classes, with 6 classes guaranteed
  7. in a 2 week span. The format is as follows:
  8. Spring & Fall: Twice a week for three weeks *Same as in the past*
  9. Summer: Monday – Thursday for two weeks, broken into mornings and evenings. Two sessions per month.  All group lessons and registrations are held at Riverside Pool. 


  1. Spring & Fall: Residents $45 | Non-Resident members $60 | Non-Residents $70
  2. Summer: Residents $60 | Non-Resident members $75 | Non-Residents $85
  4. For more information call Pedro at 407-971-5582

Registration is now available on-line, however, if this is your first time with us,
please register in person at Riverside Park.
Unless your swimmer has taken lessons with us since March 2016, they must get tested by one of our instructors prior to registration.  The swim test is only required if you are registering for a level higher than Water Tots 1 or Level 1.  
You DO NOT need a swim test for Bubble Babies, Water Tots 1, Level 1 or Adult.
SWIM TEST INSTRUCTIONS: To get a swim test - simply go to either of our pools (when they are open) and let the lifeguard know you need a swim test for swim lessons.  This process takes about 5 minutes and doesn't cost anything.  You do not need an appointment.  Please click here for the current pool hours.

Online Registration Click Here!


Swim Lesson Schedule:

*Please note that there has been adjustments made to our registration process*.  
Residents are now eligible for early register starting the Thursday evening. Open registration begins on Saturday morning.  Registration will remain open for residents from Thursday at 6pm through Saturday morning at 8am. Registration will be open even after the registration days until the end of the 1st class. 


July Session B Swim Lessons

Begins July 20th @ 6:00pm for Oviedo Residents
Begins July 22nd @ 8:00am for Non-Residents

July 24th- Aug 3rd

AM - Monday-Thursday


                        Bubble Babies               10:00

                        Water Tot 1                   8:00; 8:40; 9:20, 10:40

                        Water Tot 2                    8:40; 9:20

                        Water Tot 3                    9:20, 10:00

                        Level 1                             8:00; 10:40

                        Level 2                             8:40; 10:00

                        Level 3                             8:00; 10:00; 10:40

                        Level 4                             8:00; 9:20

                        Pre-Cudas                       8:40; 10:40



July 24th- Aug 3rd

PM - Monday-Thursday


                        Bubble Babies                5:40

                        Water Tot 1                    5:00; 5:40; 7:00

                        Water Tot 2                    5:00; 6:20

                        Water Tot 3                    5:00; 7:00

                         Level 1                            6:20

                         Level 2                            5:40

                         Level 3                            6:20; 7:00

                         Level 4                            5:00; 6:20

                         Pre-Cudas                      5:40

                        Adults                              7:00



*August schedule will be released in the coming weeks




Registration Information:
-Each session has a separate registration that is required. All registrations are first come, first

-There is absolutely no saving places in line on registration day.
-Registration for a session does not guarantee registration for any future session.
-Registration is done in person by the parent/guardian of the participantYou may not register 
  other swimmers for lessons. 
 All registrations are held at Riverside Park.
-Registration begins at 6pm for City of Oviedo Residents and 8am for Non-Oviedo Residents 
  (on date listed).
-On the day of registration, the line begins to form prior to the start time. You must remain in line, you cannot leave the facility and return.
-The Bubble Babies class is a Parent and Child class.  Only one adult must be in the water with the child for every lesson.

Class Information:
- In order to hold the class a minimum of 50% of swimmers must be registered.

- Parents are asked to remain outside the gated area during swim lessons.
- Infants and toddlers must wear swim diapers if not potty trained.
- Payment for the program entitles the participant use of the pool during that program only.
- After the completion of your first session, swimmers will receive a certificate indicating the next level recommended by their instructor.

Aquatics Rain-out Line: 

In the event of inclement weather, please call 407-971-5587 for updates on cancellation of Swim Lessons.  Please listen carefully to the recorded message for the correct date and Swim Lesson time.


For more information or questions about Swim Lessons, 
please contact Pedro at 407-971-5582 or pvasconcellos@cityofoviedo.net.
Oviedo Residents must reside within the city limits of Oviedo not simply have an Oviedo mailing address. 


If you are new to Oviedo Recreation, to help with the registration process, please make sure you have filled out our Rec Trac Household form either online or in person prior to registration. 
Please print it out, do not email it.  
Click here for the form.