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It is the end of May and school is out.  For the kids that is great but for parents it sometimes creates a child care issue.  An often asked question is, “What is the age I can leave my child home alone?”  There is no standard answer to that question.  I have seen very trustworthy and mature young teens and very immature and sneaky (not so young) ones.   Just remember what you may or may not have done at their age and left alone (do so honestly even if you do not want to tell them). 

Florida is a leader in child drowning.   Keep track of your little ones as it only takes a few seconds for them to slip away.

Florida is also a leader in bicycle and pedestrian crashes.    More kids out that about with more traffic, so remind them to be extra careful when walking or riding and crossing streets.

We do see a spike in criminal activity in the evenings and night time during the summer, especially burglaries to vehicles.  Remember to lock your cars and remove valuables from them.  Yes, even in gated communities. 

If you are going away on a vacation, make sure your neighbors know you will be gone, either stop or have someone collect your mail and paper (if you receive one).  Do not order items that may arrive while you are gone.  Also, you can request a vacation watch for your home by calling 407-971-5731 or on line at http://cityofoviedo.net/files/HouseWatch_2015(1).pdf, or on the City website by going to www.cityofoiedo.net - Police Department - Information/forms.


It is an old saying, but true – Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, so keep them busy with positive activities over the summer school break.

To assist in that, the Oviedo Police Department in conjunction with City of Oviedo Recreation & Parks and 1Body are hosting 4 sessions of Midnight Basketball at the Oviedo Gym and Aquatic Facility.  The dates are May 26th, June 16th, July 14th, and August 4th.  All sessions are from 9:30-11:30 pm.