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In 2016, there were approximately 1,100 vehicle crashes in the City of Oviedo.  This figure does not take into account those crashes that occurred just outside the jurisdictional boundaries of the City in unincorporated Seminole County.   Each crash has the potential of inflicting an injury or causing a fatality to our friends or family members.  Each crash causes our insurance rates to climb and creates traffic delays.  Traffic enforcement is an essential part of an officer’s daily duties to reduce the potential for injuries and fatalities on our roadways. 


With your help, we can reduce the number of traffic crashes in our City and immediate surrounding area.  The top 10 locations for traffic crashes in the City are for 2016 were:

Speed and distracted driving are the main causations of traffic crashes.   Please drive carefully, defensively, and courteously.   Your actions can cause or prevent a traffic crash.