Chief's Corner


Message from the Chief


Although the recent rains have lowered the fire index, brush fires still remain a possibility.  With the beginning of our storm season and the chance for lightning to start a fire is a distinct possibility, not only in the preserve areas, but in your home. 

Remembering that fire destroyed approximately 168 acres in Oviedo and fires in Brevard, Volusia, and Orange counties have destroyed many more.  Access to the fire hydrants in our neighborhoods is extremely important.  According to Oviedo Fire Department Chief White, a vehicle parked in front of a fire hydrant can delay the Fire Department’s hooking up to a hydrant by 5 to 6 minutes.   Think of what a 5 to 6 minute delay would mean if it was your home on fire.

The Oviedo Police Department, in conjunction with the Oviedo Fire Department, will be initiating Operation Fire Hydrant Awareness.    While Officers are patrolling your neighborhood, they will be noting if vehicles are parked too close to a fire hydrant.  Florida State Statue 316.1945 section (1) (b) 2 states, “(b) Stand or park a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except momentarily to pick up or discharge a passenger or passengers: 2. Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.”

Operation Fire Hydrant Awareness will commence on June 28th.  To avoid receiving a parking citation, please do not park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.  More importantly, do not hinder the Fire Department from connecting to a hydrant.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. 

Chief Jeffrey Chudnow