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Rental Reservations

 Rental reservations are currently being accepted thru Summer 2018!


Rental Reservations

Reservations are taken on a first come first serve basis. A signed event contract and room deposit is required to secure your date. (Unless the reservation is made within 30 days of the rental date, in which case the deposit and total rental fee would be due). 

 The Amphitheatre & Cultural Center takes bookings up to 12 months in advance. Booking will be available the first day of the month for the next year’s rental.

Courtesy holds may be accepted and held for a maximum of five (5) days, at which time the hold will expire without notice. Courtesy holds may be made in person or by telephone. Courtesy holds will expire on the fifth (5th) day of the hold. No courtesy holds will be accepted on the first business day of the month when booking 12 months in advance.
Rental balance fees are due sixty (60) days prior to the event.

Rental Fee Policy


·         All cancellations will result in loss of deposit for any reason.
·         Rental Fees are nonrefundable without forty five days notice (45 Days).
·         Checks may be accepted up to 60 days prior to event. Payable to the City of Oviedo.
·         Money orders and MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted.
·         Failure to make payment by the date listed will result in the loss of your deposit any fees paid, and subject to your date being released.
·         The person signing the contract is responsible for the orderly conduct of attendees.

Reserving a space at the Cultural Center is easy. Please contact us to check availability and discuss your upcoming event.