SR 426/CR 419 Project

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The Project
This is the City's No. 1 Transportation Priority. 
The SR-426 / CR-419 project is an urban roadway improvement project that will ultimately connect the existing 4-lane roadway at Pine Street (near Oviedo High School) to the 4-lane segment of CR-419 at Lockwood Boulevard, approximately 2.5 miles.
With an overall estimated project cost of approximately $83M, the only way to build the project is to phase it.  Accordingly, the project was divided into 3-Phases:  Phase I addresses downtown (CR-426 / SR-434) intersection improvements.  Phases II and III will make the connection to the west at Pine Street and to the east at Lockwood Boulevard.  Federal, State, County and City funds are being combined to accomplish this task.  Phase I construction plans start this process.
The City's project is currently listed as No. 2 on MetroPlan Orlando's current priority list.  Please see the exhibit below for adopted project phasing.  Phase I design is complete.  Construction is set to start in November, 2016.
Project Details:
The SR 426 (Broadway Street) / SR 434 (Central Avenue) / CR 419 (Broadway Street) project is primarily the extension of the existing Broadway Street, 4-lane divided / raised median roadway at Pine Stret (Oviedo HIgh School), connecting to the existing 4-lane divided / raised median roadway (CR 419) at Lockwood Boulevard, approximately 2.5 miles to the east, through the center of the City's downtown areas.  Additionally, the modifications to SR 434 primarily deal with intersection improvements at SR 426, with ancillary modifications at Franklin Street.
SR 426 / CR 419 is an east-west "Principal Urban Arterial" and provides connectivity from SR 417 (Greenway), through Oviedo, to Geneva, Chuluota and east Orange County.  It is also the only major east-west roadway segment in Oviedo that is not a 4-lane roadway section.
Phase I planned improvements primarily address the north-south (Central Avenue / SR 434) element of the overall project scope, from Franklin Street on the north to Smith Street on the south.  With planned intersection expansion at SR 426 / CR 419, the two-way traffic movement on SR 434 will be restored through the downtwon area.  Improved signalization, additional vehicle stacking / storage capacity and turning movements in borth directions will add to the efficiency of traffic operations in this area.
Accommodations for pedestrians will be enhanced as well with 8-foot sidewalks on both sides of SR 434.  This will provide a connection between the Cross Seminole Trail to the south of the SR 426 / SR 434 intersection to the Cross Seminole Trail to the north of this intersection.
These improvements will also play a key role in the revitalization of the city's old downtown area.  Our historic and community facilities will help create socio-economic opportunities for infill development and redevelopment through the newly adopted City's Downtown Redevelopment Plan.  The improved roadway will also provide increased pedestrian access, mobility and safety.  Additionally, infrastructure for potential transit stop locations are an integral design element. 
Phase 2 will address a major flooding concern at the intersection of South Lake Jessup Avenue and SR 426, as well as addressing other localized drainage issues in the surrounding downtown area.  The overall project will also improve environmental water quality with the design and construction of additional stormwater ponds.  These ponds will provide regulatory treatment of pollutants within the stormwater, as well as flood control with regulatory peak-flow attenuation of stormwater runnoff.
 Project Schedule (Tentative)
  • Spring 2011        Initiate Preliminary R/W Acquisition Process
  • Summer 2011     Finalized Construction Plans
  • Fall 2011             Finalize R/W Documents
  • Fall 2011-2012    ROW Acquisition Begins
  • 2016/17               Initiate Construction Advertisement, Contract Award and Construction

 Significant Project Elements

  • The project is divided into 3 Phases:
    • Phase 1: This Phase will begin the project in the downtown area with R/W acquisition for the interesection and turn-lane modifications, traffic operation improvements and a return to the two-way traffic patterns in the downtown area.  Construction is anticipated for the Fall of 2015.
    • Phase 2: This Phase will be the extension of the existing SR 426 (4-lane divided / raised median) roadway through the downtown to Avenue B.  The design for this phase is currently underway.  
    • Phase 3: This Phase will complete the project with the connection of Phase 2 (4-lane divided / raised median roadway) to the existing 4-lane divided / raised median roadway just west of the intersection of Lockwood Boulevard.  This phase is currently unfunded.
  • The Planning, Design and Environmental (PD&E) Report was complete, accepted and approved.
  • Final Design / Construction Plans for Phase 1 are complete.
  • City, County & Federal Funding were utilized for Phase 1.
  • The rights-of-way (R/W) / land acquisition process was initiated with FDOT (2011/12).
  • The City is working in partnership with Seminole County and FDOT on Phase 2.
  • The improvement of SR 426 / CR 419 from two to four lanes will provide a significant benefit for regional mobility within the south and east Seminole County.  The roadway's proximity to SR 417, UCF, (integral for students, educators, and football fans with the new stadium), the Research Park, local industry, technology and education-based facilities, in the area as well, will add to the significance of this roadway and to the much larger transportation network of southeast Seminole county / northeast Orange County.
Phase 1
ROW: City $4.5m  County $10.5m
Road Construction: State $3.7m
Utility Improvements: $560k
Hardscape Improvements: $1.2m
Phase 2
ROW: County $20m
Road Construction: FY2020/21 Anticipated State Funded

For more information regarding this project, contact the Public Works Engineering Division at (407) 971-5681.