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After the Fire Recovery Tips

     The City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Department has developed these After the Fire Recovery Tips to assist you in returning your property to normal following a fire in your home or business. 

     Recovering from a fire can be physically and mentally draining.  When fire strikes, lives are suddenly changed and often knowing which agencies to contact is the most difficult process.  This information is designed to assist you in the recovery process and we encourage you to also work closely with your insurance carrier who has established a list of contractors and vendors that will assist you in your recovery efforts.

The First 24 Hours Following a Fire

Make sure you called 911 to report your fire (even if you suspect the fire is out).

Contact your insurance carrier and seek assistance.

If you lack insurance, consider the assistance from the Red Cross who will assist with temporary housing, food voucher, medication voucher, clothing voucher, and personal items.

Do not re-enter the fire damage property unless the fire department has declared safe to do so.

The fire department will have utilities disconnected such as water, power, gas, to prevent further damage.  You will need to halt garbage service, cable tv, satellite tv, telephone, internet, or other private utility providers. 

Remove your most valuable personal property (jewlrey, money, pictures, electronics, etc) if the fire department allows you access to the building. 

Dispose of all food and beverage.  Do not risk salvaging these products as they may be unsafe to eat or drink. 

Collect you most important papers (insurance, family info, banking, credit, other) and remove from the building. 

The fire department will likely require the building to be secured to decrease the cahnce of unlawful entry or those who simply wish to observe the damage, yet may become injured in doing so.  A Board Up vendor may be suggested to you by the Fire Department or your insurance provider. 

Inventory all your personal items that have been damaged or destroyed for insurance purposes.

Before hiring a contractor, consult with your insurance carrier and make sure the contractor is a licensed contractor with a business license in Oviedo.


Local Contact Informtion

City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Department                               407-971-5611

City of Oviedo Building Department                                      407-971-5755

City of Oviedo Police Department                                          407-971-5700

City of Oviedo Water Department                                          407-971-5692 or 5675

City of Oviedo Finance Department                                      407-971-5535

City of Oviedo Wastewater Department                               407-971-5692 or 5675

Republic Service (Garbage)                                                   407-293-8000

American Red Cross                                                              1-800-733-2767

Brighthouse Cable                                                                  407-309-3279

Who to Contact

REASON                                                                                      Who to Contact__________

Driver license, vehicle registration                               Department of Motor Vehicles

Bank records (checking, saving, etc)                           Your bank

Insurance policies                                                            Your insurance carrier

Military papers                                                                  Department of Veteran Affairs

Passports                                                                          Passport service

Birth, death, marriage, divorce papers                        Bureau of records for Florida or                                                             location you lived previously (County Records)

Social Security                                                                   Local Social Security Office

Medicare or Medicaid                                                      Local Medicare or Medicaid                                                                             for Florida

Credit Cards                                                                      Bank or credit card company

Stocks or bonds                                                               Your broker or bank

Tax records                                                                       Local IRS office

Citizenship records                                                        US Immigrations

Mortgage                                                                           Your home lender

Salvage Tips


  • Consider using a professional cleaning service first.
  • If you wish to laundry clothes, etc yourself, consider the following solution:  4 to 6 tbsp Tri-Sodium Phosphate, 1 cup bleach, 1 gallon warm water.  Mix well, add clothers, soak as long as needed, rinse, dry.  Several applications may be necessary.


  • Consider using a professional cleaning service first.
  • If you wish to clean appliances yourself, assure power is off to the appliance, use s steam cleaning equipment or purchase cleaning chemicals approved for appliances from local retail stores.  Bleach and water may be considered, dilute 10 parts water to 1 part bleach.

Cooking Utensils

  • Consider using a professional cleaning service first.
  • If you wish to clean your cooking utensils yourself, use warm soapy water, rinse, clean with copper, stainless steel, silver, brass polish.


  • Consider using a professional cleaning service first.
  • If you wish to clean your carpet and floors yourself, consider using rental equipment.  Removing smoke odor, ash, and water damage is extremely difficult in carpet.

Walls, Floors, Furniture

  • Consider using a professional cleaning service first.
  • If you wish to clean walls, floors, or furniture yourself, consider the following solution: 4 to 6 tbsp Tri-Sodium Phosphate, 1 cup bleach, 1 gallon warm water.  Danger!  Discoloration is very likely!  These items are best cleaned by a professional company.  Test a small portion of the item to be cleaned first.
  • Repaint walls only after they are throughly dry from cleaning.  Use a wall sealing paint or primer first. 

Wood Furniture

  • Consider using a professional cleaning service first.
  • Furniture is very difficult to clean from smoke or fire damage.  Charred wood should be sanded to clean area and re-stained or painted.  Soaking wood will cause it to warp.  Clean wood with: 1/2 cup household ammonia and 1/2 cup water,  Test small area of wood first as discoloration can occur.

Money Replacement

  • Burned money may be replaced by sending to Department of Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Office of Currency Standards, PO Box 37048, Washington, DC 20013.  We suggest you consult the Dept of Treasury prior to mailing your money as they may direct you to a local office.


Fire Restoration, Water Damage & Property Security Vendors

     The City of Oviedo FIre Rescue Department encourages you to consider selecting a professional fire and water damage contractor who will assist you in the recovery efforts as well as offer board up security protection.  Although we cannot endorse any one specific vendor, we are able to offer those who are available for our area.  It remains your responsibility to research and select the vendor you are most satisfied with to perform this important function.  You may ask why is this necessary, and we would suggest that your property is vulnerable to theft and vandlism if it remains unsecure and increases your liability should a person become injured inside your property.  You may wish to consult your insurance carrier first.  Local vendors include:

BOARDUPCENTRALFLA, Orlando  800-262-7387

Emergency Services 24 Inc.  877-936-8998

Belfor Property Restoration 800-856-3333

 We hope you find these tips helpful in your recovery efforts. For more information contact the City of Oviedo Fire Rescue Department at 407-971-5611 or visit our Administration Office at 1934 CR 419 West (Behind Fire Station 3).