State Road 434 at Alexandria Boulevard

Plans for a Traffic Signal at the intersection of SR434 and Alexandria Boulevard are currently underway by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT). This is an FDOT project that is expected to bid in late 2016 and constructed during Winter/Spring 2017.

The City entered agreements with FDOT to include decorative mast arm upgrades and hardscape improvements such as textured pavement in order to maintain uniformity along the State Road 434 corridor.  FDOT will include these upgrades in their construction bid on behalf of the City in accordance with the executed agreements.

Relocating Utilities

Since the City is responsible for the relocation of existing utilities impacted by the FDOT project, in June of 2016, the City contracted with Affordable Development under a Seminole County piggyback agreement to relocate the utilities. The utilities lines have been moved and the City's portion of the project is completed.