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Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Debris Removal Update

The First Pass of Debris collection has been completed in the City of Oviedo. The final pass of storm debris collection has begun as of Monday, October 16, 2017. This will include small piles of vegetative debris, fencing or construction debris, and any large debris which may have been missed on the first pass.

All storm debris should now be placed at the curb (not blocking roads, driveways, mailboxes, utility boxes or fire hydrants) for pickup. If any storm debris do not make it to the curb prior the final pass, Oviedo residents may:
drop off the debris material at the Evans Street Public Works Compound while it is operational
prepare the debris to normal yard trash standards for collection by Republic Services
haul the debris to the Seminole County Landfill located at 1930 E. Osceola Road Geneva, FL 32732 
enlist an independent contractor remove it   
The City is extremely appreciative of your patience throughout this difficult process.   

Please review the City's Debris Removal Guidelines.

Solid Waste Update

Republic Services, Oviedo's regular household waste, recycling, bulk, and yard trash carrier, will continue their service alongside the heavy debris contractor.  All bulk, yard and household routes are caught up from storm delays.   

Please do not place yard waste in garbage carts or recycling carts.  Yard waste cannot be co-mingled with garbage and recycling, as the landfill requires vegetative material to be separated and the recycling facility does not accept yard waste.


Yard waste should only be placed in garbage bags or store bought containers and will only be picked up by the yard waste collection truck.  

Citizen Debris Drop off Information 

The City of Oviedo has opened a residential debris drop-off site at the Evans Street Public Works Complex. Hours of operation are 8am to 4pm daily (including Saturday and Sunday) until otherwise notified. 

This drop-off location is for individuals who reside within city limits of Oviedo, and residents will have to show identification prior to dropping debris. The nearest County drop-offs for unincorporated Oviedo residents are 4350 Bedford Road, Sanford, FL 32773 and 3540 Dike Road Winter Park, FL 32792. 

The site will only accept vegetative debris, and residents are expected to unload their own debris and should bring all appropriate gear with them. 

Building Permits

To facilitate the reconstruction of fences, roofs and screen enclosures in the City due to the passage of hurricane Irma, the City will be waiving building permit fees for fence, roof, and screen enclosures until October 31, 2017. Residents are still required to pull a building permit with Building Services Division.


Park Amenity Closures

  • Round Lake Park Boardwalk  

Calendar of Events

Access the October event calendar.

For additional information, please call (407) 971-5590.

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program

Resolution No. 3478-17 was adopted October 2, 2017, which approves the establishment of a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program in the City and associated interlocal agreements with the Florida Green Finance Authority, The Green Corridor PACE District, Florida Resiliency and Energy District, and the Florida PACE Funding Agency.  This program offers non ad valorem financing for commercial or residential qualified improvements that will be paid back by the owner with interest through a special assessment on their property taxes.  

Qualified improvements offered per statute include energy conservation and efficiency (ex. pre-approved high-efficiency HVAC system), renewable energy (solar), and wind resistance improvements (such as reinforced roofs). Participation in the assessment is voluntary by the property owner. The improvements installed on the owner’s property are financed by the individual PACE agencies and secured by a voluntary assessment levied on the owner’s property. Property owners who wish to participate in PACE agree to repay the financing as a non ad valorem assessment collected on their annual regular tax bill.

There are currently four (4) PACE districts in the State of Florida. Each of the PACE districts is administered by the following third parties.  Please visit the following links to learn more information about the PACE program.

Long Lake Park Playground Update

Long Lake Park is gettting a brand new playground!  The poured-in-place safety surface will be installed soon. Please pardon our dust as this facility is improved for your enjoyment.

Roadway Bulletins - What's happening around Oviedo

Periodically road work takes place around the City, to find out the latest on what's happening on the roadways of Oviedo, click below:


Important Roadway Bulletins and Alerts